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3 May 2022

What’s at stake in the fake? Indian pharmaceuticals, African markets, and global health

An event of the Topic of the Year 2021|22 “Measuring the Living” and the InterdisciplinaryResearch Group “Future of Medicine: Health for All” of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy ofSciences and Humanities in…
19 October 2021

The Duogynon controversy and ignorance production in post-thalidomide West Germany

This article examines the West German controversy over Duogynon, a ‘hormone pregnancy test’ and the drug at the centre of the first major, international debate over iatrogenic birth defects in…
22 October 2018

A historical argument for regulatory failure in the case of Primodos and other hormone pregnancy tests

The drug Primodos and other hormone pregnancy tests (HPTs) remained on the British market for about a decade after they were first implicated, in 1967, as a possible cause of…